ExpTrans Objective: To bring you the best Service at the Best Rates

We at Expert translations are not all about translation; we also offer several writing services such as proofread, articles creation and content for your website and even Press releases.
WHY are our rates better? Because we work with only native translators in our company, with all the main languages present in our office we also possess several associates around the planet. This is why we do not need to overcharge you and you can always count on a professional work.

The advantages to you:

A Comfort and speed of delivery (no more painful trips or expensive phone calls, we are constantly online);

B a much better quality control ( your text/project can be edited/modified on the spot almost until the last minute);

C Overall a low cost (just one document deliver, a single Project manager, several contact options).

We understand the fast movement of the world today, especially around internet issues. You can count on our prompt delivery to start your business.

Project Manager a direct contact 24 hours a day any part in the globe

Each project will be forward to a PM (Project Manager) that you will be able to contact 24 hours a day any part in the world. We will discuss the whole process with you and take word-by-word your demands. No need for you or your company to manage one, two or even five persons for a project. Your PM will control translators revisers content writers you name it. You only have to talk to one person to get your ideas heard by a large group. This will save you time for other tasks or projects

We move quickly so you can expect always a top quality within our company and collaborators.
One project, One budget - Every week we at ExpTrans handle several linguistic projects, every one different from the next. That is why we decide to present our policy - One project, One budget. We believe every new project is different from the last one and deserves all our attention
and skills. Being so, a new project will have always a new budget; from a simple newsletter translation to a complex book or extended website.

Step One
As soon as you contact, a PM (Project manager) will personally address you. The PM will handle every single aspect of the customer relationship and will always be accessible 24/7 for you. No need to spend time on multiple emails or phone numbers; without any further cost you will get a PM to handle your project. You do not even need to deliver this task to your employees, handle this responsibility and offers every client a PM for his own project (no matter the timeline for it)

Step Two
As soon as the client approves the several project specs, the PM will gather the best team of translators/writers to accomplish the job. Translators and writers are selected based on their professional background and availability. This is always provided in order to reach the client's total satisfaction.

Step Three
Once the job is completed, a in-house reviser checks it for grammatical errors, accuracy, punctuation making the translations powerful and professional before it is returned to the client.


Please contact us for a quote for your linguistic project. We promise to deliver the final
price and timeline for your request within 24 hours.

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