Current Projects

Translation into German and French
Batch of 10 articles related to IT programming from English to German and French...
Website localization into Portuguese
Full website Localization of an international retail group from German to Portuguese. Two extra legal documents included...
Iphone and iPad apps Translation from Spanish to Dutch
Translation of a series of iPhone and iPad apps related to the online casino market...
Current openings:

We at ExpTrans are proud to work with some of the most capable and professional translators, revisers and writers.

ExpTrans has several collaborators in more than eleven countries.  However, one's quest for new talents never ends. If you think you can help ExpTrans gain more quality and expect to receive honest funds for your work then do not hesitate. Please consider working for ExpTrans.com.

Send us your Resume and we promise to study it and evaluate all possibilities.

ExpTrans Goal: To bring you the Best Service at the Best Rates

We at Expert translations are not all about translation; we also offer several writing services such as proofreading; articles creation; content for your website and Press releases.

WHY are our rates better? Because we work with only native translators in our company, with all the main languages present in our office we also possess several associates around the planet. This is why we do not need to overcharge you and you can always count on a professional work.

Translations Solutions

ExpTrans Grants Top quality in all languages. As a global website providing services to every corner of the world we must be always prepared for any new challenge. Please contact us always with your questions and languages to be translated. As long as you have an Internet connection and a PC you can always stay in touch with us. We work for individuals and/or companies and we possess more than 20 collaborators worldwide in several languages and areas of expertise.

Search no more...ExpTrans Will be your partner in this new Global World.

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